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World of Fluffia

Thu May 25, 2017, 5:25 AM by griffsnuff:icongriffsnuff:
This is a ARPG group dedicated to the closed species Kryptox, Cafluffles, Bunblebees and Gem hoppers by Kandy-Cube

Worlds Of Griffia


Bagbeanian/ Beanian Alphabet by griffsnuff




None at the moment


HOP-A-LONG festival

None at the moment

None at the moment

Featured Fluffian of the week!

#084 Kryptox w/m + CC - closed by Kandy-Cube

Featured ART of the week!

They're Bad. // Fluffia Immigration Trial Step 1 by Moothic


Kryptox Taken List

Sun Jun 25, 2017, 11:55 PM by voxame:iconvoxame:

List of Kryptox's made. If a theme is on the list below, it cannot be claimed/made again.

- - - -

This theme has been reserved by moderators! Reserving a theme is allowed only by moderators.

- - - -

Based on any living creature or any extinct creature.

Pig in Mud

Based on flowers, plants, corals, trees, moss, mushrooms, fungi, etc.

Morning Dew Lilac
Cheeky Tree
Electric Peach

Food & Drinks
Based on foods, drinks, deserts, edibles, vegetables, fruits, berries etc.

Angel Cake
Red Apple

Based on natural, inert things of our surroundings, even space.

Based on any type of item.


Based on a lot of things, even imaginary.

Toxic Dabs

Welcome to Fluffia's very own Crafty Sunday!

Our Sunday works exactly like the one over in Bagbeans, but just in case you aren't sure how it works here is some information.

What is Crafty Sunday?

Crafty Sunday is a fun day where we all can focus on being creative on the non-digital level! And spend the day creating crafts or just continuing on projects we already have started!

How do I participate in Crafty Sunday?

Submit a WIP of your art or craft in this folder:…

And then reply to the comment for this week that will be posted every Sunday down below.

What kinds of work in progress/crafts can I post?

It does not have to be a finished project at all, we want to share our progress and maybe even teach new people to try out new crafts! Fluffia related art and crafts are to be posted in this journal only! So only that includes Kryptoxes, Angelic Gem Hoppers, co-creatures, and everything else from Fluffia.

For all other mains, visit their group below for current and future Crafty Sundays!

:iconbagbeans: :iconanubianempire:

What do I receive for participating on Crafty Sunday?

Stitch flower by Kandy-Cube
x1 Stitch Flower each Sunday you participate.

How many wips can I submit?

As many as you want, but you only get 1 stitch flower per Sunday you join.

You can only obtain a stitch flower by submitting your WIP or finished piece to the crafty Sunday gallery and then replying to the comment chain below. This can ONLY be done on Sundays and ends when it is no longer Sunday anywhere in the world.

Here is the world clock:…

Where can I find the Sunday comment?

If there is no link to a comment under this question, then the Crafty Sunday is over and you have to wait until next Sunday! If there is a comment then reply your WIPs onto it.


Fluffia Item Raffle Winners! (#3)

Thu Jun 22, 2017, 7:44 PM by voxame:iconvoxame:

It's time to reveal the winners of this raffle!

Thank you to everyone who entered!
We have picked 25 winners to receive different items using a random number generator.

Also, if you entered the raffle, you also automatically get 1 Event Flower and a Collectible Bunny Hood. (you only get one hood, so if you already have one you don't receive another)
Note that these above items will not be added to the bank until the end of the Hop-A-Long Festival event.

Now for our winners!

Star Fruit by Kandy-Cube
Starfruit Winners
Preachers-Ranch x1
Eva26x x1
crazzycat5 x1
Beanables x1
CJPossum x1

Tamer Fruit by Kandy-Cube
Tamer Fruit Winners
lzbloop x1
Suuchann x1
Sybelthewolf x1
ZenniLynn x1
TheWyvernAndTheFox x1

Dye Flower by Kandy-Cube
Dye Flower Winners
spriingpetal x1
FuyonaBeanie x1
neurotrashy x1
Cookiee-Pie x1
Scarf-Waters x1

Hollow flower by Kandy-Cube
Hollow Flower Winners
Dr--Ghost x1
Wintricacy x1
LeniProduction x1
Pompabeans x1
LocketLockProdutions x1

Fool flower by Kandy-Cube
Fool Flower Winner
Caldercloud x1
maryd39 x1
Nanoferret x1
Pompabeans x1
NovaWings x1

Thank you everyone for participating!
If you won something, your item will be added to the bank right away!

#129 Indigenous Bagbean - Cafluffle by griffsnuff

Hi! I'm Kitten and Welcome to my Bakery!

This is a very special shop! I sell only the finest, most amazing, delicious cookies for your Cafluffles!
What makes my cookies so special?  Breaking any of my cookies in two, and feeding it to two Cafluffles will allow them to breed! Each breeding will consume 1 paw charge
Check out my menu below to see!

:bulletpink:Special Disclaimer:bulletpink:

Cookies are made with all natural, magical ingredients.
Cafluffle Kittens are made on a beautiful base (collect them all!) and are subject to random rollings, regardless of the types of Cafluffles being bred.
If you are the LUCKY owner of a Cafluffle with the "Lovely Paws" mutation, you can purchase an Iced Cookie (2 kitten) at 50% off - 1 discount per paw charge!
Team up with a friends Cafluffle, (2 Cafluffles with Lovely Paws) and get a Iced Cookie to split for free!
Paw charges can be reset by completing a quest (this quest is in the works)!
Amount of cookies sold, and payment accepted will be on a "per opening" basis.

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